Growth Product Designer + SF Bay Area Native

Hi, my name is Mattchu, and I've been designing for over 9 years, with in-depth knowledge in spaces like: payments, marketplaces, developer documentation, events, marketing tools, onboarding, and education-technology. I'm currently a Staff Product Designer at Coursera specialized on growth and experimentation. To be honest, you might even be in an A/B test in my portfolio... Right. Now.

My museum of curated works, for you:


Event creators need a way to reach more people. Funny enough, most of them use Facebook, but never tried letting customers buy tickets on Facebook. Imagine the opportunity when you get more eyes on your events.


Event creators have a variety of workflows that include utilizing different tools like email marketing with Mailchimp and cross-platform marketing with ToneDen. Check out how I approached a redesign with the customers in mind.


Developers of all types use Eventbrite's APIs, references, and developer tools to create apps, websites, and features. Did you know they also love documentation and a sandbox to play around with the code?


Remember when scanning the back of credit cards were sketchy and we didn't trust it? To innovate, you have to be an industry expert, know the direction in your space and grow. Here's how I challenged myself.


Prospects of Adyen were like "So tell me how Adyen is different than the payments processors I use today." I created a demo that lets people understand when API calls are made in real-time while a customer is on their site shopping and what happens during the payments checkout flow. 


Omnichannel payments solutions, 3D-secure and global expansion sound like buzzwords because they are. If I had 11 seconds on an elevator ride to explain it to you, would I be able to? Short answer is nope, so I took on the task to understand and simplify, so anyone can understand.


A button that powered over 1.5M log-ins and sign-ups in 3 months. I thought it was just another option for customers to use their Facebook to access Eventbrite, but little did I know it would unravel into a UX beach clean-up.