Passion Projects

Here's a collection of projects I've been working on to expand my knowledge and explore areas where I'm curious in. Some themes include 3D design, branding, e-commerce, photography and art. There's so much to learn and every experience gives you chance to understand and expand your skillset.

Learn by doing


Aegis, Original Mesh Concepts, is a virtual brand I built in SecondLife, Linden Lab. My work include building 3D conceptual shields and weaponry inspired by history. 


Naisu is an apparel brand stemmed from the influence of being authentic to oneself, inspired by doing what you love. Using Shopify as the platform to host the website and transactions, I built a community of people with shared interests.


Deadstock Meta

A collection of sneakers I built in Blender and turned them into NFTs. I even sold 1!


(noun) a propitious moment for decision or action. A collection of photographs I took while having in-depth conversations beneath the surface layers of tech. 


This needs help

Everyday UX frustrations