Tesla tokenization

Designed the demo of how Adyen creates an omnichannel experience for customers.

Goals & Challenges

Tesla was processing payments in Europe and Adyen wanted to increase expansion in the United States by offering alternative payment methods on the point-of-sale software, Fiverun, building an omnichannel solution.

The challenge was creating a digestible flow that shows how tokenization (saved customer payment information through a token) could be integrated for mobile, online and in-store transactions.

Measuring success

When the alternative payment methods are offered on Tesla's point-of-sale app, Fiverun, we can test and see how integrated the system is. A customer should be able to make a purchase in-store (car) and be able to make a purchase at home (merchandise) with her card info stored from previous purchase.

How tokenization works

The primary advantage of tokenization is that it keeps credit card data safe — both from internal and external threats. Because the payment processor is the only party that is able to decode the token, this security measure is extremely effective at reducing consumer credit card fraud. When Tesla uses Adyen as a payment processor, they become PCI-compliant, leaving Adyen to decode the payment information.

Creating the use-cases

Figuring out when tokenization happens during a transaction when purchasing a Tesla product is the base of the user journey. Here some ideas during the sketching process:

  • New Tesla owner vs. existing Tesla owner
  • Local payment (Credit Card) vs. alternative (SEPA)
  • Existing token used to pay for future items
  • Establishing point of tokenization
Adding alternative payment methods

What happens when we add another layer? What if we have a pre-existing customer wanting to add a new payment method like SEPA Direct Debit to do recurring transactions?

  • Desktop flow from Tesla website to checkout
  • Adding invoice system into My Tesla App for faster verification and checkout
Creating the UI

After getting approval from various team members such as individual contributors on account management, President of the NA office, and point-of-sale managers, Joel and I worked on the interface and interactions of the flow.

Use-case #1: Julia is a new Tesla owner

How does Julia become tokenized in the system, where Tesla has her saved payment info that is secured and easily accessible to make other purchases?

Use-case #2: Robert is an existing owner

How does Robert get the optimal omnichannel shopping experience? 


After initial conversations with Tesla about expanding their payments into various countries, they have decided to move forward with the project on implementation, which brings this project as a success.

Working within the Fiverun app and Tesla's My Tesla App, we were able to come up with a solution that would boost both business and user experience for both parties.