Login with Facebook

Designed a login experience for both attendees and creators to seamlessly log into Eventbrite.

Goals & Challenges

As part of the Facebook ticketing Powered by Eventbrite project, a requirement was identified to provide Facebook event creators with th e option to create an Eventbrite account using Facebook login. This will greatly reduce friction of their users in adding Eventbrite tickets to their events, improve the overall user experience, and drive a higher volume of ticket sales via the integration as a result.

Single Sign On, where a user can create an Eventbrite account or login to Eventbrite using a partner’s login flow, has come up as a common requirement for other future Platform as a Service (PaaS) customers.

Measuring success

It’s essential that the proposed changes don’t adversely impact the rate of users successfully creating a new Eventbrite account or logging into an existing Eventbrite account.

In order to measure and optimize the introduction of this new login system for our customers, the team and I placed checkpoints in areas of the flow and created messaging for areas of errors. Capturing these error states, if any, guides us in optimizing the user experience.

Capturing edge-cases

Same email used on Facebook: There are many edge cases for this implementation due to the architecture of the login system of Eventbrite. For example, facebook accounts with an email that is the same as the email on Eventbrite account would prompt them to use their email address to sign in instead.

Update: Through A/B testing, we found that this is one of the top edge-cases, we’ve implemented a solution to give users the ability to link their account right away.

Attempting to log in with an account that is a soft-account: When event attendees purchase tickets, we capture their email to send them their tickets. When this happens, our system creates a soft-account. The challenge with this is that they would need to set a password. By guiding them to use Facebook, their authorization is through Facebook.

Update: In further releases, we’ve added an interstitial flow for creators to set a password.


Creating the redlines for developers: To ensure that creators and attendees have a seamless experience, the look and feel of both the organizer and attendee apps were recommended to look similar. Due to different design systems, I ensured that we met in the middle, creating a consistent brand moment.

Conclusion / Metrics

As of November 13th, 2019, Eventbrite has over 2,389,334 Facebook accounts associated to Eventbrite Accounts. Talk about huge impact!

I’ve learned that there is no project too simple, complex, small or big. When this project first started, it seemed to be simple by just adding a button, but the more you learn about the infrastructure of Eventbrite’s login flows, you become ingrained and familiar with how that part of the product works. It was a very fun project and I’m glad I was able to provide such impact to so many users.