Welcome to my portfolio

My friends call me Matt, and so can you! I'm a local native to San Francisco and I love being surrounded by technology and immersive experiences. Gaming inspires me to develop fun, intuitive, and helpful experiences. I'm currently a senior product designer at Coursera focused on growth projects. People at work say I'm the Marie Kondo of design process (I keep my design process structured and organized).

Case Studies


Event creators need a way to reach more people. Add to Facebook is a marketing tool that gives creators the opportunity to market their event on Facebook to sell more tickets.


Event creators have a variety of workflows that include utilizing different tools. The Eventbrite App Marketplace is a micro site that houses plugins that help creators run their events more efficiently.


Developers of all types use Eventbrite's APIs, references, and developer tools to create apps, websites, and features. The Eventbrite Platform delivers in-depth documentation and a sandbox to help developers find value and create more API keys.


Merchants in different industries want to expand their payments, but the increase on omnichannel payments for e-commerce has been increasing over the years. The Adyen SDK showcases the excellence in customer-focused experiences.


Payment managers and developers both want to understand how Adyen's payment system works. By including a demo that lets people understand when API calls are made and how a payment can successfully go through, people can understand the payments industry better.


Omnichannel payments solutions and global expansion sounds like buzzwords galore. Tesla wanted to expand on Adyen's payment solutions and the best way to capture the value of business growth was to show the interactions through various use-cases.


A button that powers over 1.5M log-ins and sign-ups since launch. By partnering with Facebook, Eventbrite created a more seamless way to help event creators and attendees both log in and sign up much easier, including account linking.